Facial Laser Hair Removal

The process of shaving and tweezing unwanted hair off of your face can be annoying and tough to bear with. It can be painful at times too. However, you don’t have to bear with this problem forever. You can contact us at Complete Aesthetics for help with getting rid of all that unwanted facial hair.                   

We have completed millions of facial laser hair removal procedures over the years here at Complete Aesthetics. We focus on helping women get their unwanted facial hair spots treated the right way.

We can even help men with their facial hair removal needs. We can do this to not only give a man smooth skin but also eliminate the need to shave often. It also keeps the skin from being irritated or possibly developing razor bumps that can become inflamed and cause a great deal of pain while making the skin weak and jagged in places.

How Does Laser Facial Hair Removal Work?

 We offer a solution that is unique and appealing to have. This is done in a private manner without having to worry about growing hairs out to get it all treated. Rather, we will use a laser that will target the hair follicle inside your skin. That means the hair will shed off over time without having to shave or tweeze it out of your body. It’s all done in a comfortable manner. In fact, you can experience smoother skin in just a few treatments.

As the hair is fully removed, you won’t have to deal with bothersome hairs being stuck under your skin. Also, it takes about twenty minutes for your hair to be treated. It all works without the need for any recovery time.

Where Can It Work?

This treatment solution can work on any spot on the face. It works on the chin, upper lip, sideburns and even around the eyebrows.

You do not have to grow your hair out to get it treated either. The laser will go deep into your skin to take care of the unwanted hair, thus keeping you from being embarrassing by having to grow out unwanted hair just to get a treatment.

Does It Work For All Hair Types?

 This process works for darker hair spots. This is thanks to the laser targeting the melanin that makes the hair develop in a way that it can. This process does not work well on red, gray or blond hair.

Also, this can work for people with darker skin tones. At Complete Aesthetics, we offer two different lasers for facial hair removal needs. Our Gentle YAG laser uses separate wavelengths and setups for dark and light skin alike. The long wavelength of the laser will go through the skin and target the melanin in your hair. In other words, dark skin tones will no longer be hard to move through.

Who Performs The Facial Hair Reduction Treatment?

 The laser hair removal process will be taken care of by a professional that we hire and train. We ensure that all our professionals are fully experienced and understand what they have to do before taking care of any laser hair removal treatments. We also have licensed medical doctors that will direct each location and will take care of any treatments that you might require.

You can especially contact our individual consultants for help with the process. Our consultants will help you figure out what you can get out of your treatment needs so you’ll be protected and kept safe. You’ll also be aware of the treatment needs you might have.

 Details On Other Hair Removal Procedures

(Note: We at Compete Aesthetics do not perform these procedures. As you will see here, these treatment options are not as great as what we have to offer.)

  • Depilatory Creams-A depilatory cream will dissolve follicles in your skin. This is typically for spots that aren’t sensitive. It works on the legs but it will not be efficient on the face. These creams must be used for life just like with any other shaving material.
  • Electrolysis Hair Removal-This hair removal process entails a needle moving into the skin while an electric current goes through the needle. This will weaken the hair follicle and stop the hair from growing too quickly. This only works with one hair at a time. It can also be painful and more expensive than other laser-based treatments.
  • Tweezing-Tweezing is a process where individual hairs are plucked out. This can irritate the follicle and can cause scarring in the worst cases. The hair that is removed may also become thick and stiff over time.
  • Waxing-Waxing entails a solution added onto the area that needs to be treated. This is popular for the removal of hair from the upper lip and eyebrows. However, it does not work well around the chin and other spots where the hair can be coarse. Also, the skin may become discolored while using some waxes but this is typically more common among women with dark skin. Inflammation may also occur in some instance. This will not completely the remove the hair either.


*results may vary