Body Contouring

Complete Aesthetics knows that your results are everything! We know that you want the most innovative, safest and fastest body contouring treatments available. So, along with our affordable prices, we also the top laser technology to provide you the safest, fastest results. All of our cellulite reduction treatments are done with top of the line medical lasers.

If you want to tone, slim and smooth your body, take advantage of the best options available. Regardless of where you come from, body contouring should be both easy and enjoyable. However, this is only be possible by finding the right experts and choosing the best procedure.

You also need to understand how each one of the procedures works so as to be sure of what to choose. It is important to know that some of the procedures that might work well for others may not be the best for you. Here are the choices you have.

Body Contouring by Velashape

VelaShape uses radio frequency energy to improve the appearance of cellulite. It is one of the most effective body contouring procedures. With VelaShape, there is a combination of infrared technology and tissue mobilization in order to try to achieve the best results.

The circumferential reduction is as a result of several actions on the tissues. What makes it more effective is the fact that a hand piece is placed on the treatment area. Through it, the suction skin up slightly as the fat beneath it is affected. Its effectiveness can never be overemphasized, especially when you consider the fact that nothing toxic or dangerous is used.

Velasmooth Cellulite Treatment

The new V-Smooth technique also plays the same role in reducing body fat to improve the appearance of cellulite under the skin.

Once the procedure is kick-started, everything else works as if it has been automated. The client finds it one of the most comfortable procedures. The reaction with the body cells that lie under the skin is what helps it to get rid of the fats. Some people often do it regularly to improve their appearance.

Body Contouring with Zerona

Zerona on the other hand, utilizes a much different approach. It uses low level laser therapy, which has been shown to be effective in eliminating  fat cells. The patient is subjected to rotating red lights that go with patterns.

Basically, the doctor will shine the laser on the skin and by doing so, the fat cells are forced to create a pore, through which the cell expels all its contents and so there may be a significant reduction in body fat.

This body contouring technique has become very popular because of the way it seems to be so simple. The fact that the fat cells shrink so easily makes it the preferred choice for many.

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