Body Laser Hair Removal

 Men often bear with having lots of hair around the backs, chests and other spots. The process of waxing and shaving these parts of the body can be difficult and painful. However, you don’t have to worry about this for long if you consult us at Complete Aesthetics for help.

At Complete Aesthetics, we offer a body laser hair removal service that all men can utilize. We have performed millions of treatments for all sorts of men who need help with looking their best.

No More Shaving Your Chest, Abs or Back!

You won’t have to worry about waxing or shaving your chest or back anymore when you contact us for help. We can treat all sorts of spots with our state of the art hair removal lasers. We can even take care of larger spaces where loads of hair can show up.

Full Back Hair Removal

We can also take care of a full back hair removal treatment process in about an hour on average or approximately thirty minutes for a chest treatment. You can also choose to either go completely hairless or you can get the hair you have to thin out by just a bit.

Chest Hair Removal Treatment

We’ll even take care of hair around the nipples. This is great for men and women alike and will be treated with a painless and comfortable process that will not put your body at risk of harm.

Don’t Forget the Abdomen

Men often bear with unwanted hair around the abdominal area. Women can also develop unwanted hair in this easy to expose part of the body too.

 However, the process of removing unwanted hair from this spot isn’t too hard to handle. You can easily get unwanted hair in the abdominal area removed in as little time as possible. In fact, you can even use a selective removal process similar to what many of today’s big stars use. This entails a V-shape being prepared to where a bit of hair is leftover to create a six-pack effect.

Women can also choose to get an effect where a small bit of hair will go from the navel to the top part of the bikini line. This can be used alongside a treatment for unwanted hair elsewhere around the bikini line. We are proudly take care of both areas in a treatment process if needed.

Who Performs The Body Hair Removal Procedure?

 The laser hair removal process entails a medical professional who is fully trained taking care of the removal procedure. The professional must be properly trained to understand how to take care of particular treatments with ease. This can all work with the assistance of a medical doctor who is fully licensed to take care of treatments and to ensure that all staff members are working as well as possible to take care of the needs that individual patients might hold.


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