The art of Brazilian laser hair removal has evolved to where you can get a laser-based treatment option. You can use this without having to bear with any shaving or waxing routines. We at Complete Aesthetics have been offering a variety of great laser hair removal services for years and today we are proud to offer a unique Brazilian-style treatment. We’ve even done millions of treatments over the years.

We get that the evolution in today’s fashions for women have made it to where more parts of the body can be exposed. This has led to women having a need to remove unwanted bits of hair from many spot around their bodies. These include spaces around the bikini zone. Today the Brazilian laser hair removal process can help you remove unwanted hair around your body no matter how intense it might be.

How Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Work?

In this process, a laser light will get into your skin and create heat within the dark pigments on a hair follicle. This will damage the follicle and keep it from growing. At this point, the hair can progressively start to die off while the skin cells and pores will secure themselves, thus creating a smooth space in the treated area.

What Makes This Special?

The Brazilian laser hair removal process makes it to where your skin won’t be bumpy or otherwise hard to work with. The risk of ingrown hairs or bumps around the skin will be extremely minimal. Most importantly, you will have that clean and comfortable feeling around the bikini zone that you have always been looking for. This is a permanent solution that is easy to handle and works wonders for your skin.

You Can Ask For a Full Brazilian!

You can go for a full Brazilian treatment if you are interested. This is a treatment choice that will remove all the hair from the spots that you don’t want it in. This will create the smoothest and most comfortable surface around your skin.

 You can also ask for a Brazilian with a stripe, triangle or other custom design. This is where a bit of hair in the shape of something of your choosing can be left. You will have to talk this over with your nurse if you want to go after a unique design as no all designs can be utilized in the process.

Important Points About Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

You should be aware of a few critical considerations with regards to the Brazilian style process:

  •  You can get hair from the labia and areas around the back removed if necessary.
  • You can stop shaving and waxing your treated area after the first treatment is done.
  • While you can leave a shape of hair on your body if desired, you will have to shave the area yourself to show your nurse a look at what you want to get out of it. The areas that were shaved will be the only ones that will be treated at this point.
  • The risk of a five o’clock shadow developing around the shaved area will be minimal as the hair will be destroyed from all spots. This includes the hair that is under the skin. Everything will shed out as carefully as possible so it will look like nothing is there anymore.


*results may vary