Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal

That uni-brow effect that can come about after having unwanted hair in between the eyebrows can be ugly and annoying. The process of using tweezers to remove hairs that cause this effect can be tough, painful and extensive. Waxing can also hurt and leave your skin looking red for a while.

However, an eyebrow laser hair removal process can be utilized to take care of the issue. Our procedure is dedicated to helping you permanently remove those eyebrow hairs.

This is not to be confused with an eyebrow shaping or sculpting process. These are completely separate routines.

Who Does The Eyebrow Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

 The procedure will be performed by one of our many laser hair removal specialists at Complete Aesthetics. We have professionals who are capable of removing even the most stubborn bits of hair around your eyebrow area. Our professionals are also trained to use our lasers and are monitored by licensed medical doctors to ensure that every process that is completed is as perfect as possible.


*results may vary