Leg Laser Hair Removal

Complete Aesthetics is dedicated to giving anyone who needs unwanted leg hairs removed the treatments that people truly deserve. We have completed millions of leg hair treatments over the years and we want to continue providing this quality service to people who require assistance with getting their legs to look their best.

We want to help women get their legs to look their best. That means getting them to look smooth without ever having to shave or wax the legs every again. You could save lots of time if you used a few laser treatments to remove your leg hair as you won’t have more of a need to shave your legs again.

How Does Leg Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

The leg laser hair removal process works by destroying hair follicles from under the skin. This allows the hair to shed from under the skin. In return, the pores will close under the skin. This allows the hair to become unable to grow back over time. It also allows the skin to look and feel smooth.

This will work for dark hairs including hairs that might be normally coarse and tough to treat on their own. In fact, the process is more efficient than waxing.

Can You Remove Unwanted Leg Hair with Dark Skin?

 Today’s Gentle YAG laser, which we use at Complete Aesthetics, will work on all types of skin. It bypasses the coloring on one’s skin and targets the inside part of the hair. In fact, two different lasers are used with one for light skin and another for dark skin.

Get Help From A Complete Aesthetics Trained Professional

We focus on providing only the best services through the help of properly trained professionals. We have laser hair removal experts who are experienced with the machines that we use. We also have licensed medical doctors at each clinic to oversee each process and to ensure that all patients who have unwanted leg hair removed properly will be treated right.

*results may vary